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A bear smelling soup in a bucket.

We at Widefield Parks and Recreation are what you might call "foodies".  Most everyone in our building enjoys cooking, eating, and sharing recipes, so we began the tradition of Soup Wednesday! Each Wednesday, a team member signs up to bring lunch for the rest of the team.  When it began, it was winter and we were on a Crockpot soup kick, hence the name.  Soup Wednesday has since evolved into a variety of lunch dishes ranging from soups to salads to casseroles, highlighting various cultures throughout our building! 

Some of our favorites are: 

  • Andrew's Keto Taco Soup (Only healthy if you are on Keto, but always delicious) 
  • Dina's Chicken Adobo and Lumpia (Wonderful authentic Filipino dish made using her family's recipe) 
  • Heather's Cream Cheese Enchiladas (If you see her around, ask her about the first time she made them for her husband's family) 
  • Gina's Sandwich & Veggies (So unique and so yummy)
  • Doris' ANYTHING (Best chef in Parks & Rec!) 

We love the variety and creativity of the dishes that people bring and getting to try all of the new meals! Sometimes, more than one person signs up to bring lunch and we have a "soup-off"! 

Desserts and two crockpots on an office countertop

On special occasions, we will turn Soup Wednesday into a staff potluck.  This week, we did a Works-giving potluck in lieu of our normal tradition.  It was a great time to be thankful as a team while enjoying one another's company and food.  

Salad, Rolls, Deviled Eggs, and Green Bean Casserole on a Table.
A plethora of Thanksgiving foods on a table.
Dessert Breads and Pies on a table
The Widefield Parks and Recreation staff eating Thanksgiving lunch

The Parks and Rec Soup Wednesday brings a positive staff morale and increases team spirit.  We get to bond and collaborate during lunch on Wednesdays.  Some weeks, this is the only time that we get to see certain teammates.  The culture of our Soup Wednesdays really nourishes greatness and excellence in our department. We are the Soup-er Staffers!