2020 Playground Project

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Playground Finished
Playground Finished
Playground Finished
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Playground Kids Playing 3

Project Description

This project will be comprised of three new playgrounds: A 2 - 5 year old playground, a 5 - 12 year old playground, and a Pro Challenge Course. The playgrounds will be located in the greenspace to the north of the Widefield Parks and Recreation Center at 705 Aspen Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80911. There is an existing pavilion just to the north of where the playgrounds will be built.  This project will connect an existing pathway from the neighborhood, allowing easy access to the three playgrounds being built.  This path is frequently used by high school and elementary aged students and families to get from home to school. The selected location for the playgrounds in this project is ideal based on the proximity to outdoor sport fields, schools, the Center, and existing pathways. 

Project Goals

  1. Provide a safe playground and play space for the Widefield Parks and Recreation preschool students to play on during school.
  2. Provide an adult fitness challenge course to get the community more involved in fitness and overall health and wellness.
  3. Provide a fitness-focused playground for children ages 5 - 12 in order to engage them in health and wellness, while also giving them outdoor play opportunities.
  4. Provide a play space that encourages family play and socialization, through providing three different age appropriate playgrounds in the same area, while giving families the opportunity to challenge themselves physically.
  5. Connect an existing pathway from the adjacent neighborhood to the park to create easily accessible play spaces and encourage community members who walk the path to stop and play.
  6. Provide playgrounds that have the National Demonstration Site designations of Play On! - Promoting Youth Physical Activity, 7 Principles of Inclusive Playground Design, and Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks. 

Construction on this project will begin October of 2020.


Project will be funded by the Colorado Lottery Conservation Trust Fund along with a grant from GameTime as part of the 2020 Colorado Parks & Recreation Association Statewide Training and Funding Initiative.