About Us


The Mission of Widefield School District 3 Parks & Recreation is to create, promote, foster, and maintain programs, activities and facilities that positively impact the quality of life for all segments of our community.


The primary purpose of the WSD3 Parks & Recreation is to provide the best programs for the most people. While we will always seek to offer a wide range of programs, we recognize that we must live within our budget and believe that the highest priority for programs should be those that are educationally sound as well as personally meaningful to the community. We believe our programs must emphasize participation, value to participants, safety, equal opportunity, and lifelong skill development.


The WSD3 Parks & Recreation Advisory Board meets the second Thursday of each month. The meetings are held at the Parks & Recreation at 6pm. The board consists of up to seven members, to include one member of the WSD3 Board of Education and up to six community members. Current members are: Mary Burgin (President), Erin Gilmore (Vice President), Daryl Grantz, Kathy Grantz, Vicki Ross, Neil Nelson (Board of Education). Members of the community are invited to attend.


View our Master Plan, completed in February 2016.

View our Regional Recreation Facility Feasibility Study, completed in February 2018.


Our registration and offerings are coordinated by quarter; Spring (Feb - May), Summer (May - Aug), Fall (Aug - Nov), and Winter (Nov - Feb).

View our guides below to see all of the fun activities, classes, and events taking place at WPR!

Fall 2021 - registration opens July 1
Winter 2021/2022 - registration opens October 1
Spring 2022 - registration opens January 1
Summer 2022 (to be posted in March)  - registration opens April 1