Swim Lessons

NEW Regulations & Procedures for Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons

Levels 1 through 3: One parent MUST be in the water with their children during the swim lesson. Swim instructors will be teaching from the deck, and will not be able to have any contact with you or your child. Skills will be demonstrated from on deck, and it will be up to you to help your child learn these skills. Each of these classes will be limited to 5 participants and 5 parents.

Levels 4 through 6: Children will be in the water by themselves and the instructor will teach from the deck. The instructor will verbally teach skills, as well as demonstrate from the deck. Each of these classes will be limited to seven participants.

*If a child is unable to perform level 4 and above skills by themselves, a parent will be asked to be in the water as well.

COVID-19 Requirements
  • Masks are required to enter the facility. Masks can be taken off when getting in the water.
  • No spectators will be allowed. 
  • Only 12 people are able to be in the locker room at a time. A lifeguard will be stationed at the entrance of each locker room to ensure capacity.
  • Rinsing off before entering the pool is still required, however, showering after is not permitted, please shower at home.
  • To ensure social distancing, we have marked the deck with “X”s every 6 feet for you to stand/sit on.


Do you want to help your child feel comfortable in and around the water? This parent/child class is designed to introduce children 6 months to 4 years to swimming. At least one adult must be in the water with the child! Lessons are held on Saturday mornings at 10am.

Offered year-round with Saturday Morning Sessions
6 half-hour lessons
Fee: $37.50/child & parent

Youth Swim Lessons

Our American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim program welcomes children ages 3 - 15. 
See the chart of skills taught in each level to help you determine which lesson is best for your child.

  • Each session of swim lessons is for 6 half-hour or 8 half-hour lessons, unless otherwise noted and then will be prorated. 
  • Registration opens to the public on designated dates at 8am online, in person & by phone.
  • The fee is based on $6.25 per half-hour lesson class and is due at the time of registration.
  • Current swim lesson students are able to secure their spot in the next session prior to open registration.
Saturday Morning Sessions

Offered year-round
Lesson times: 9am or 10am
Fee: $37.50/child (6 half-hour lessons)

Upcoming registrations:
September 4 (Lessons held September 12 - October 17)
October 23 (Lessons held October 31 - December 12, no lessons November 28)
January 15 (Lessons held January 30 - March 6)

Tuesday Evening Sessions

Offered during the school year
Lesson times: 5pm or 6pm
Fee: $37.50/child (6 half-hour lessons)

Upcoming registrations:
September 2 (Lessons held September 8 - October 13)
October 21 (Lessons held October 27 - December 15, no lessons November 24 & December 1)
January 13 (Lessons held January 26 - March 2)


Adult & Youth One-on-One Lessons

This program is open to swimmers of all ages and ability. One student per swim instructor. Please inquire a the pool or call 391-3524 and be ready to give the name, age and ability of swimmer, as well as if you have an instructor gender preference. We will then have an instructor make contact with you to coordinate times. Youth lessons will be held during open swim times. Adult lessons may be held during open or lap swim times.

Fee: $15 per half-hour lesson