Essential Oils

Oils & Emotions

Wednesday, November 13 @ 6 - 7:30pm

Essential oils can enhance so many areas of your daily life. They are often used for relaxation, stress relief, emotional balance, sleep, skin car, and even pain. Join us for this class as we prepare for the upcoming holiday season by learning about a few essential oils and how they can be a beneficial addition to one's life. We will make 2 roll-on essential oil blends and one Epson bath salt to help cope with the craziness of the holidays.
Location: Parks & Recreation Classroom 2
Register by: November 10
Fee: $15/participant

Essential Oils for Kids

During these interactive essential oils classes, kids will learn what essential oils are, how to use them and then play a "smelly" game to sample oils kids like best. We will make our very own custom essential oil take-homes so you can have your favorite scent with you wherever you go! Class limit: 12 participants/class
Location: Parks & Recreation Classroom
Fee: $15/person per class

Essential Oils Bracelet - Tuesday, November 26 @ 1 - 2:30pm

During this essential oils workshop kids will get to take home a stylish and portable way to benefit from aromatherapy throughout the day. This workshop is for kids age 8 - 14.
Register by: November 20

Stress Away Fidget Balls - Monday, December 30 @ 1 - 2:30pm

This essential oil workshop will focus on creating a fun and interactive tool for stress and concentration management. Fidget balls have been shown to help students focus, absorb more information, self-regulate, and provide a calming influence. This workshop is for kids age 8 - 14.
Please note that this make and take project will be made with latex balloons.
Register by: December 19

Custom Air Freshener - Wednesday, March 25 @ 1 - 2:30pm

During this essential oils workshop participants will get to take home a unique air freshener that can be placed in a car, bedroom, or locker. This workshop is for kids age 8 - 18.
Register by: March 20