Youth Dance

We are excited to partner with Exploration Kids! Enrichment to offer youth dance lessons.

The Dance Exploration Kids! Enrichment Program offers dance classes for children from age 3 to 12. All of our classes follow the Dance to Learn Curriculum and is designed to teach the whole child through the 5 Methods of Dance. Our 5 Pillars of dance include Discovery, Movement, Acceptance, Creation, and Expression. Our Preschool Program  follows a play-based curriculum that focuses on monthly themes and weekly dance concepts. Classes change from week to week with a new dance concept which is taught in a fun and imaginative way.  Our Elementary classes teach children important learning skills such as teamwork, creative problem solving and artistic expression as every class challenges students to choreograph their own dance combinations for a dance routine that they perform for families and friends. 

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Creative Movement

Mondays @ 4 - 4:45pm
Fee: $50 for the September 13 - October 18 session (No class October 4)

Dance Exploration’s Creative Dance class is a preschooler’s introduction to dance and movement. Preschoolers are invited to dance, learn and grow in a positive, nurturing environment led by a friendly and knowledgeable instructor. Ages 3 - 5 


Mondays @ 4:50 - 5:50pm
Fee: $60 for the September 13 - October 18 session (No class October 4)

The Pre-Ballet classes follow a themed class structure, similar to Creative Dance, but places a larger focus on beginning ballet movements as well as a greater emphasis on technique. Ages 4 - 7


Mondays @ 6 - 7pm
Fee: $60 for the September 13 - October 18 session (No class October 4)


Teddy Bear Hip Hop

Tuesdays @ 4 - 4:45pm
Fee: $70 for the September 14 - October 19 session  

Dance Exploration, LLC is excited to introduce our Teddy Bear Hip Hop Dance™ class. Based on the foundations of Jr Hip Hop, this class is designed especially for preschoolers to 1st graders. Each month, we pick a new storybook theme to keep classes and activities new and exciting each week. Ages 3 - 5

Hip Hop

Tuesdays @ 4:50 - 5:50pm
Fee: $84 for the September 14 - October 19 session  

Dance Exploration, LLC’s Hip Hop class explores the popular urban street style dance as seen on popular shows such as So You Think You Can Dance and America’s Best Dance Crew!  Each week we explore a new aspect of the Hip Hop dance style whether it be a genre such as  breakdance vs tutting or Hip Hop terminology such as coffee grinder vs isolations. Ages 6 - 12