Art Classes

Adult Classes

Painting P-art-y ~ Winter Scene

Wednesday, January 6 @ 7 - 9pm

This adult painting class is for beginners and seasoned painters alike. You'll be taken step by step through a calm winter scene to take home and enjoy. Participants will learn mixing techniques and layering effects, no previous knowledge is necessary. Our art instructor directs you through the painting process to help bring out your inner artist. Every student will walk away with a canvas painting. No need to bring anything with you, except your creativity!
For: 16 years & up
Instructor: Brenda Harris
Location: Parks & Recreation AP Room
Fee: $15 per participant

Youth Classes

Bookmaking Camp

November 23, 24 & 25 @ 11am - 12pm

This is perfect for kids who love to get messy and tell stories. Learn how to use materials you can find around your home to create a story through simple printmaking techniques. Then, turn your prints into a hand-sewn book! You will also make a hand-printed satchel to hold your library books. For ages 8 - 13 years.
Location: Parks & Rec Classroom
Fee: $40 per participant

Video Game Art 

December 28 & 29 @ 12 - 1pm

This camp is all about pixels. On the first day we will collage a "pixel" self-portrait out of paper materials and paint. On the second day we will create art inspired by Fortnite. You'll learn how to make a 3-D box llama from mixed media including cardboard, paper, felt, and paint. For ages 6 - 12 years.
Location: Parks & Recreation Classroom
Fee: $30 per participant

Kids Valentine Craft 

Friday, February 5 @ 10 - 11am

Get ready for Valentine's Day by making Valentines for all of your friends! We'll use paper and felt to make fun characters that anyone would love to have hanging around. For ages 6 - 12 years.
Location: Parks & Recreation Classroom
Fee: $8 per participant